Hi, I’m Thaís!

I am so happy to have you here! And I believe if you are here, we are meant to connect. Let me share with you a little bit of me here, just to start!

Relationships & Transitions, learning and educating about these themes, is my soul mission. Through Coaching and Psychotherapy, my work is to guide you in a journey where you can experience more joy, happiness and fulfilment in your life, so you can navigate with ease and thrive in your own relationships and transitions, no matter how hard this may seem to you right now.

I would love to be by your side and help you to go through any relationship or transition situation you may be facing.

And one thing is for sure…if you are here, you know something needs to change in your life right now, maybe you just don’t know what exactly needs to change or where to start, and that is ok. This is also why I am here for, to help you to gain more clarity.

I welcome you to our community of ambitious, growth driven and ever learning life students (where I include myself as well). I congratulate you for taking this first step of being curious and looking for ways to accelerate your growth and contribution, by acknowledging that the journey together can be much more joyful.

To you, I would like to offer a a 15 min Clarity Session, as a welcome GIFT, where we will be able to meet and, I will share my personal recommendation on how you can immediately transform your life, and actually learn to have fun while navigating through your transitions and relationships.