I have Italo-Brazilian cultural roots – and was born and raised in São Paolo (Brazil).

On my 20’s, I have initiated a + 13 years journey inside many of the leading multinationals industries corporate world….that taught me so much in terms of leadership and entrepreneurship.

Relationship world (work, friendships, family, romantic), learning and helping others on how to best navigate through them is more than a career or passion – it is my life mission.

Personal life wise, I have always traveled a lot and have been formally living abroad from my birth country for many years, having latest moved to Italy and then Swizerland, where I share life with my husband, Dario. To nurture family life is part of my core values, priorities and bigger life purpose as well.

I am now curious to know more about you too. Let’s have some time together, where you can tell me more about you and what areas of your life and relationships you would like to see growing and feel more joy about.

Your Relationship & Transition Mentor,

Thaís =*

Happy Birthday to Me! Reflections on this new personal cycle to come.

28th February…Happy birthday to me! Going 36 now… wow! Feel like I lived a lot but there is sooooo much more I want to give out to life, to others… including my family, my friends… and the people that have been touched and will be touched by my work at @thaisdelirainstitute, that I can’t help… Read More

Time to change the game…what happens when what’s “coming in” is not fulfilling anymore…

How often have you seen yourself, lately, putting a lot of extra energy on things – work, relationships…..with the impression that is more like of a one way street….that nothing comes back in return? Not even words appreciation… How often are you having to take the lead on things to get things minimally moving …  having to pointing out… Read More