My Personal Journey

I have Italo-Brazilian cultural roots – and was born and raised in São Paolo (Brazil).

On my 20’s, I have initiated a + 13 years journey inside many of the leading multinationals industries corporate world….that taught me so much in terms of leadership and entrepreneurship.

Relationship world (work, friendships, family, romantic), learning and helping others on how to best navigate through them is more than a career or passion – it is my life mission.

Personal life wise, I have always traveled a lot and have been formally living abroad from my birth country for  many years, having latest moved to Italy and then Swizerland, where I share life with my husband, Dario. To nurture family life is part of my core values, priorities and bigger life purpose as well.

I am now curious to know more about you too. Let’s have some time together, where you can tell me more about you and what areas of your life and relationships you would like to see growing and feel more joy about.


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With love, through love, by love.

Your Coach,

Thaís =*

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