Professional Background

Over the years my passion has been helping people to LIVE WITH POISE and take their lives to another level – no matter how successful they already are – in the areas that matter most: work relationships, intimate relationships, their families, their business, careers, leadership, self-knowledge and much more.

Relationships (work, family, romantic), Navigating & Thriving through Difficult and Simultaneous Life Transitions, Career Acceleration, Women’s Career, Leadership, Cultural Diversity and Multicultural Relationships are some of the specific topics I have developed a special interest and expertise on.

I am a Strategic Intervention Life, Relationship and Group Coach, Robbins-Madanes RMT Coach (USA) which is the most respected Coaching Certification worldwide. I am also a Jungian Therapist graduated from IJEP (Jungian Institute of Education & Research, Brazil).

You can check more of professional background by looking at my LinkedIn page. There , you will also see I offer extensive life and business experience as a successful Fortune 500 Business Leader, Award-winning Sales & Marketing Professional, International Life Experience, Growth & Transformation Driven Professional, and happily married woman.

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Customer First Award 2015 received directly by Jeff Immelt, General Electric CEO.