The right person that will help you get where you want to be.

Thais‘ sensitive, positive and unique background makes her the full package.From Jungian analytical psychology to Tony Robbins & Cloé Madanes’ life skill coaching, she uses different approaches depending on the person and situation to help you in your growth journey.If you are looking to know more about yourself and solve problems you might be facing… Read More

Deepening self-knowledge and gaining new breakthroughs

“Great insights!!! Each session added to my self-knowledge and broke through any prejudices I could have regarding it. Thaís has this pragmatic approach to articulate the information (…)  shedding light on all aspects that have the potential to make you evolve. If not a believer yet, give it a try at least. You’ll sure have… Read More

Having a new way of seeing life, more open to opportunities.

“Synchronicity. In my enlightening experience with Thais’ coaching and counseling, there were many “coincidences” and connections. She really loves what she does and you can feel this commitment and passion in the quality of her work.”

Having personal guidance from anywhere in the world

  “The fact that Thais takes phone and Skype sessions was a key enabler to me – as I have been traveling a lot, and been in different timezones. I used to believe that this kind of coach-coachee/therapist-patient thing could only work presencially and this is not true…much on the opposite – the fact that… Read More