Thaís de Lira Institute

Our mission here is to help individuals to “LIVE WITH POISE” by helping them to Thrive in their Relationships and Transitions.

With these two topics – RELATIONSHIPS AND TRANSITIONS – in the center of our research, studies and discussions, our commitment is to deliver the most complete support – throughout services and courses – to individuals who share with us the vision that life is all about about these two matters and for that reason have decided to make a priority to thrive and develop mastery in these areas.

We serve growth driven man and women, families, couples throughout their many life stages and life situations: professional life changes (including career transitions), health challenges, love life settlement (to get married/go live together), divorce, becoming a patchwork family (2 individuals with kids going into a relationship), moving countries (expat life), becoming a parent, becoming a grandparent, going on retirement, becoming a multicultural family (how to integrate into the family someone from a foreign culture), being a multicultural couple, raising “third-culture children” (2 parents from different culture raising a child in a new culture for all).

We take pride of our unique approach and support – and we are committed to expand our exposure to benefit more and more people through our services.

Follow us on the Social Media and if you would like to discuss more about your personal situation, we would be delighted to offer you a 15 min session with Thaís, as a WELCOME GIFT from us, for supporting our work and for being part of our community!

Yes, I Gladly Accept this Welcome GIFT to be Part of THAIS DE LIRA INSTITUTE Community!


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